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Extend the Life of Your Favorite Pair of Narrow Woman’s Shoes

Go shoe shopping and you might quickly realize why it can be hard to find the perfect shoe. It’s the abundance of choices you’re faced with as you walk in and out of different shoe stores. And it’s choices that business experts say can make it tough to decide on just one or two pairs of narrow woman’s shoes, especially after you’ve looked at and tried on dozens.

Even if it takes hours or a few days of shopping to find the right narrow woman’s shoes, you know it’s worth it, especially if the shoes help support your ankles, knees and back. What you might not have thought about is how to keep your shoes durable and in quality condition for several years. Taking the time to gain a few shoe care tips could end up saving you money.

Narrow Womans Shoes

That said, steps you could take to extend the life of your favorite pair of narrow woman’s shoes include:

  • Hanging your shoes on a sturdy shoe tree. In addition to making it easier for your shoes to dry, shoe trees also allow shoes to contract. This single benefit could help older shoes to look newer than they actually are. (In the Esquire “How To Take Care of Your Shoes” article, it’s also reported that, “The vital time for using them  [shoe trees] is the hour or two after you have removed the shoes from your feet. After that, the shoes will have returned to their natural architecture and the trees can be removed.”
  • If your narrow woman’s shoes get wet and later develop salt stains, you can remove the stains by wiping the shoes with cloth that’s been dipped in a mixture of water and vinegar.
  • You could care for a pair of suede narrow woman’s shoes by dabbing the shoes with a damp rag or cleaning the shoes with a suede eraser.
  • Add shine to your shoes by getting them professionally polished once or twice a month. You could also clean debris off your shoes, apply a light coating of polish then rub the polish into your shoes using circular motions, following that up by buffing your shoes for several minutes.

Should the heel of your shoes start to wear down, consider taking the shoes to a shoe repair company and having an experienced repair person add a new heel to the narrow woman’s shoes. These and other steps you take could keep you stepping out in style as you head to work, an evening event, party or boardroom meeting. Take care of your shoes and might get the most money out of shoes created by some of the world’s top designers, designers like Marc Jacobs, Tory Burch, Eric Javits, Sesto Meucci, Stuart Weitzman and Yves Saint-Laurent.

If you do what it takes to extend the life of your shoes, you could also save money. In fact, if you take care of a pair of quality shoes so that they last for several years, you could end up spending less money on shoes than you may have if you’d invested in 10 pairs of cheap shoes over the same time period.

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