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Effective Tips on Measuring the Success of a Content Marketing Campaign

Content marketing is going to be huge in 2013. Judging by last year’s trends, businesses are looking at promoting their products and services in ways that will completely revolutionize online marketing.

Consumer brands are not the only ones that are creating unique content marketing campaigns, B2B companies and other corporate biggies are also sitting up and taking notice.

Amplifying your content is going to be the name of the game. Creating quality material is just the beginning. Taking it to the right audience will be a challenging task, and you’ll need to be up for some risk-taking and innovative changes.

Effective Tips on Measuring the Success of a Content Marketing Campaign

Here’s how you measure the success of your campaign. These tips will help you figure out whether you’re on the right track.

  • Understanding your audience

Every business will cater to a different demographic. If you don’t know your customers well, then chances are your content marketing campaign is going to go nowhere, but down. Keep a close eye on whether your audience is actually benefiting from your campaign.

More importantly, make sure your marketing moves are actually reaching your customers. This way you’ll know that your content output is actually making the right kind of noise with the people online.

  • Using traffic source

People can visit any of your landing pages, and in the beginning you won’t know which ones are going to get the most visits. Keep a close tab on the pages that have an increased visitor rate. This way you will know that the content in there is actually doing well.

Try to implement a few changes to the pages that aren’t doing as good. Measuring your traffic source is perhaps the best way that you can find out how to reach customers effectively. Make sure you keep detailed reports of fluctuations and changes that take place.

  • When to check your key metrics

Most companies feel that a monthly check is all that is required. This is not a smart thing to do and your campaign will suffer in the long run. Neglecting metrics for too long, results in delayed decisions and your content marketing plans will fall through.

Daily checks are too much, too. Finding the right balance is crucial if you want to make your campaign really successful. When you check metrics at the right time, you will be able to make quick decisions and enhance your content marketing in a short period of time.

  • Looking at the right things

Content marketing should lead to sales. That’s the bottom line. Attracting attention to your company is important, but it makes no sense if any of your new followers do not end up dealing with your business.

Keep a close eye on where the customer ended up buying something from your company. Metrics like ‘length of visit’, ‘number of page views’, etc. can be tough to change. You need to alter your approach.

Everything doesn’t depend on the number of Twitter or Facebook followers that you have. There are other more important metrics you should be bother about.

  • How well does your content do?

This is an important question that you need to address at all times. Your company will be uploading fresh, unique content on a regular basis. You need to know what kind of content works well for your business.

For example, webinars and case studies work for some businesses. Find the content that does it for you.

A content marketing campaign will be completely useless if you are not aware of how your business is faring online. Taking a deep look helps you cut down on costs, as well. Your campaign shouldn’t be a shot in the dark, but a well planned endeavor.

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