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Dr Oz Breakfast smoothie

Dr Oz Breakfast smoothie


Dr Oz: 2-Week Weight Loss Diet Food Plan

Now that Dr. Oz has revealed the foods you need to eliminate while following his Two-Week Rapid Weight-Loss Diet, it is time to talk about the foods you can eat! Dr. Oz says his entire audience followed his 2-week plan and they lost an average of 9 pounds each, so now it is your turn to find out just how easy it is to get healthy while melting away unwanted pounds.

Dr Oz: Lemon Water Drink Boosts Weight Loss

Dr. Oz explains the first thing you need to do while following his two-week diet is drink a hot cup of water with ½ a lemon every single morning. This is a great way to kickstart your digestive process for the day and some cultures believe it is a good weight loss aid. READ MORE >>

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