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Do You Really Need a Translation Service Company?

Most people, when asked if they understand what a translation service company does, will tell you it’s obvious. A translation service company translates material so people in other countries can read and understand the material. While this is true, it also simplifies the picture of how a translation service company helps businesses grow revenue, diversify their customer base, and gain insight from other cultures.

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A translation service company is more than a team of linguists working to make your material make sense in a target language. Translation projects are complex, and it takes a team of linguists, project managers, coders, and reviewers to ensure you’re saying the right thing in the right way. Translation projects are no longer simply about the written word. The majority of translation projects today deal with websites, apps, software releases, and other forms of dynamic media. What’s more, these projects require localization in addition to translation. In an interactive environment, making meaning requires special attention to images, interface, and cultural norms.

A professional translation service company will be prepared to handle projects with a varied range of subject matter. This might include legal translation, scientific and technical translation, advertising and marketing translation, and training materials covering an array of special topics. When considering a translation service company, it’s important to find out if the linguists working on your project have not only native speaking fluency, but have also worked in the subject matter area of your project.

You may hear that hiring a translation service company is somewhat obsolete, given the number of free or inexpensive translation tools available online. If you feel comfortable handing over your most valuable messages to algorithms or students learning the language for the first time, you may want to ask yourself if going global with your company is a serious priority or not. While you may find automated translation tools useful for decoding a menu in a foreign language, do you think it will meet the needs of customers interacting with your brand for the first time?

Though your translation service company may use computer-based translation tools to help you save time and money with your translation, these are a far cry from what you’ve experienced online. Computer-assisted translation tools and translation memory are designed to be used in conjunction with a trained linguist. These databases of matching phrases and approved fragments help speed the translation process along, but still require human oversight for the best results. For exceptionally large projects dealing with repetitive, simple constructions, Machine Translation tools may significantly reduce costs, but also require a relatively expensive setup.

Companies who choose to partner with a translation service company have an advantage over those who choose to deliver less than the best translation and localization of their products and services. You can guarantee that international customers comparing companies will be able to see and hear the difference immediately.

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Acclaro is a Translation Service Company that helps the world’s leading brands succeed across cultures. We specialize in expertly adapting brands, products and services to new languages markets. As one of the world’s leading, we equip clients for success in global markets through a variety of localization services.

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