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Different Protocols Supported By iPad VPN

Before you choose to go with any of the VPN services for you iPad, it is really very important that you should verify it in the first place that whether that specific VPN service works well with iPad VPN or not. If you are going with a VPN service provider whose VPN server protocols are based upon Open Web or Open VPN, than you should literally forget about running that VPN service over your iPad.

You cannot use Open Web because it is specifically designed for operating systems like Mac, Windows and Linux hence it cannot work on iPad and so as the case of Open VPN, however Open VPN supports other smart phones except iPhone and iPad.

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There are four main protocols that support iPad VPN, so when you choose to go with iPad VPN, following are some of the protocols that you can select from:


PPTP is known to be the first and the most basic protocol that is being used widely by VPN service providers even it was the very first one in the line of protocols. One of the biggest advantages of going with PPTP is that it works well with each and every device; it could either be smart phones, iPhone, iPad, Windows, Mac and even Linux, hence allowing it to be the top most choice for people who are willing to use a single VPN service with almost every device. However, the only disadvantage of using PPTP is that the protocol is very basic and can be confined easily simply by restricting Protocol 47.

Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol:

Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol is commonly referred to as L2TP, and is known to be one of the safest and securest method of transferring your data over the internet. L2TP is a top VPN choice for anyone who is looking forward towards using it with his smart phones, iPhone or iPad. One of the reasons for this is that smart phones, iPhone and iPad are normally not protected with a higher security, therefore it is easier for hackers to break in your smart phone or iPad and steal all your precious and confidential data, but when you chose to go with L2TP, you are surely going to get the safety and security, as it is double encapsulated, hence making it the most secure but less efficient and slightly slower protocol as compared to the others.

Cisco IPSec:

If your device supporter IPSec than Cisco IPSec is surely the top notch choice for you and this is because this type of protocol is secure as well as fast and is known to be an ideal iPad VPN protocol. Cisco IPSec works great with Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, Routers, iPhone, iPad and Android devices in the best possible manner. It is known to be the top most choice for the larger industries too, as it gives them speed, safety and security on each and every possible device that supports IPSec, hence going with Cisco IPSec is surely the best option to go with.

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