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Controversial Immigration Laws

Lately, we have heard more and more about immigration into the United States. While men and women from all parts of the world have the opportunity to relocate to the United States, Mexican immigrants are, by far, the most prevalent population. And though many of these individuals relocate to the United States by following the appropriate channels, far more do so illegally. Currently, there is much debate surrounding an immigration law led by President Obama, which would drastically impact rates of immigration to the United States.

What is the Bill?

Understanding the basics of this bill is crucial for those who want to make an informed decision on whether it should be supported or opposed. The bill in question would provide a path to citizenship for undocumented illegal immigrants currently living in the United States—of which some reports suggest that there may be upwards of 11 million. In addition to providing basic civil and worker rights, this would also assure the continuation of personal records, thus allowing families to stay together or even to reconnect. It is important to note that this bill applies only to those immigrants who are already living in the US, and not those who may immigrate illegally in the future.

Controversial Immigration Laws

Additional Benefits of the Bill

In addition to the benefits listed above, there are a number of other perks associated with this piece of legality. In fact, most experts agree that if the legislation were to pass, there would be substantial increases in the amount of border security—especially in areas where crossings are especially common. The bill also includes a mandate for a 700-mile border fence, which would be navigable only through high-tech entry-exit systems. Finally, some reports suggest that the bill would feature a substantial crackdown on employers who hire illegal immigrants, and may require electronic verification by government authorities for all new hires.

Hazards of the Bill

Obviously, there are a number of benefits associated with the passage of this bill. However, it is important to remember—that as with any form of legislation—there are two sides to the issue. Opponents of the current immigration bill suggest that it is expensive, risky, and fails to provide a complete answer to the problem of border control. Unfortunately, there currently is no clear answer about how the issue of illegal immigration into the United States from Mexico can be solved.

Likelihood of Bill Passage

So what, exactly, is the likelihood that this bill will be passed by US legislators? Unfortunately, the answer to that question varies drastically, depending on the political beliefs of the person asked. While the immigration law has already been passed in the Senate, House Republicans continue to refuse to even allow the legislation to come to a vote. Some experts suggest that if the law were to come to a vote, it would likely pass—thus, why Republicans are opposing it so ardently. Only time will tell what the result of this complicated legal debate will be.

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