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Choosing The Right Shower Pump

There are typically several factors to weigh up when shopping for a shower pump, however, there are two things which are especially important to consider; the choice of a negative head or positive head is one aspect, while deciding between the single impeller pump and a twin impeller pump is the second feature to think about. For you to know which shower pump is the best to use in your bathroom, it is imperative to understand the differences between the various pumps.

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A single impeller pump has a single driving blade and is installed between the shower head and the mixer valve. It is quite cost effective and simple. This shower pump is great if the water pressure in the house is not low. If your house has low water pressure, then this shower pump would be the best option.

On the other hand, a twin impeller has two valves which are designed to automatically control the hot or cold water pressure. When the water is too hot or too cold, the pump automatically shuts down or regulates the temperature. It is a more modern type of shower pump and mostly preferred by home owners whose water pressure is below 0.5 bars.

The negative and positive head shower pumps differ based on where they should be used in relation to the water level. Essentially the positive head is more functional when the water level is above the pump itself, so that the pull of gravity on the cold water can start the impeller pumping both hot and cold water. The negative head shower pump from Anchor functions properly by sucking water out of a tank when the pump is on the same level as the water or below it.

So, when choosing a shower pump, you have to think about whether the water pressure in your house is high or low and if you have water tank storage. If your house water system is from a main feed you should not consider using any of the above shower pumps. You must also consider whether such pumps will increase your water and electricity bill or not. Such pumps are meant to be cost effective and convenient.

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