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Choose the Right Kind of Commercial Coffee Machine for your Business

What is a workplace without a coffee machine? Of course you’ll always have the water-cooler to chat around but is it really the best way to show your employees the appreciation they deserve. Nothing says “You’re Valued” quite like an upgrade in the break room and simply adding a few more snacks doesn’t cut it. So what kind of commercial coffee machine do you need to buy?

I think that it’s easy to see that single serve coffee makers are ideal but there are other options that might fit your budget. So the first thing you need to consider is your budget.

Commercial Coffee Machine


A few things to keep in mind while budgeting are:

  • If you choose a single-serve coffee machine it will stretch your budget.
  • Regular coffee machines are cost-effective since they brew large quantities.
  • Be smart about budgeting, don’t buy the most expensive equipment because you don’t want your employees taking breaks that often and you don’t want it to cost an arm and a leg to maintain. Yet, don’t buy low-end coffee makers that soon look old and boring.

Evaluate the Workplace:

The type of office you own or work at will determine the kind of coffee maker you buy.

  • Large vs. Small Staff

If you have a large group of employees you’re also bound to have a variety of preferences. That’s when a single-serve coffee maker would be perfect. Some people love tea and unless you want to buy separate tea equipment, you must find a coffee machine that does both equally well. Some of the top single serve brands available are Keurig and Bunn. These brands and other options to suit your needs can be found on DailyCuppaCoffeeIf you have a good group of coffee aficionados then consider commercial espresso machines. The problem is that while these are ideal for large offices, most office budgets will not permit such extravagance. If you can afford these options, then they are perfect for you.

The other option for large offices is buying an electric hot water heater for tea or cocoa and a simpler coffee brewer for coffee. Even if the machine is not fancy, you can show the employees you care by always staying stocked up on the best coffees and snacks.

Working with a small staff is somewhat easier. A single-serve coffee machine is both affordable and easy maintain. For a smaller staff, the single serve or pod variety is a no brainer.

  • Private vs. Public

Some institutions with a small staff might have a lot more coffee drinkers stop in for business. Offices in private colleges or banks tend to be this way. You will need to make a lot more coffee than your employees alone drink. So before you buy a high end coffee machine try to estimate how much coffee is drunk every week and whether you can afford a high-end commercial coffee maker.

If the office is private and does not deal with people as often then maybe you can consider investing in an commercial espresso coffee machine too. Make sure at least 3 people in your office will use it every day.

  • Pay Bumps

This is really a matter of common sense but employers often misread what the employees need. If it has been a while since you’ve bumped up their salaries, maybe they would want a small raise instead of better coffee. The employee lounge upgrades can wait if that money can be used for pay raises.

Those are the general guidelines that you need to think through before reading coffee machine reviews on Coffee Geekand choosing the best brands. Remember that even the best brands of coffee machines can’t make bad quality coffee grounds taste good. Budget buying good coffee as well and you should be on your way to a fun, friendly workplace.

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