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Best Places To Eat In Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World is the ultimate tourist spot for millions of people around the world. With gravity-defying rides, adventure activities and Hollywood sets all in the backdrop of our favorite Disney characters, why wouldn’t it be? But hey, what is a vacation without good food right? Walt Disney World has a spectrum of dining options ranging from completely classy to utterly wacky. From hot dogs to gourmet cuisine, sea food to vegan dishes, they have it all.Luckily, a lot of these places are kid friendly and even offer a separate kids menu at a special price.A lot of these places are pocket friendly and good if you are on a budget trip to Orlando. What fun!!!

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Here are some of the must-eat places in Disney World that you must check out while you are there.

50’s Prime Time Cafe:

Your kids will love this place. Why? Simple – this place has a home like appeal.’Mom’ prepares food in the kitchen, ‘Dad’ tries to teach you a few tricks until food is served and the servers are your siblings. It gets better. You are made to wash your hands with soap before being allowed to touch your food and if you want dessert, you better have finished your main course. There is no dearth of kid friendly food and even the pickiest eater will find something he likes here.

Cinderella’s Royal table:

You have not really been to Disney World until you have wined and dined with Disney favorites and partaken of their character meals.Here you get to meet Cinderella and various other princesses. What’s more? You can see cute little girls dressed up in ball gowns and tiaras posing with Cinderella herself. True to its name the setting is truly royal. Lose yourself in this fairy-tale setting.A banquet hall, a spiral staircase-its got it all. The downside? It is quite expensive and there is usually a huge waiting list. Make sure you reserve your tables well in advance.

Sunshine Seasons:

This is one of the moist popular eateries in EPCOT Future World.  It has a cheery ambiance , an open kitchen and good food. It is best known for its Asian cuisine and the sandwiches. If you are in a hurry to check out the rest of the Future World, try their packed/ ready to go meals. They have a decent variety of vegetarian options in all food counters and the price is reasonable too. Make sure you try some of their desserts. Their pies, brownies, flans and muffins are a treat to your sweet tooth.

So go and enjoy some fun filled meals in Walt Disney World. They are an important part of your Disney experience too. So what do you think of these restaurants? Share your comments with us.

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