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Auto Careers Could Take The Slice Away!

Scope and Growth of the Auto Sector in India

More and more engineers specializing in automobile engineering have been vying the big pie of automobile careers in India. This is happening for a reason. The demand of course, is a must-consideration but other than that the expansion of the industrial sector, the domestic and export markets, the direct investment in auto companies in India, the auto related liberal regulations of the industry and the corresponding rise in production are catalysts to adding new automobile jobs in the country. The automobile industry in India has developed rapidly and is expected to pick more pace as India is recognized as a great export market with a massive domestic demand for the same. However, employment in the auto sector is divided into two groups, one is the organized sector and the other is the unorganized sector. A recent research report indicates that this industry aims to employ 25 million people by the end of the year 2016.

Your Career

Roles You Can Choose From

Of course, engineers can have their way to very successful careers in the automobile industry as it rests on product engineering. However, there is scope for other profiles too. These include operations, marketing, product designs, accounts, manufacturing and supervisors as well. More generic roles encompassed include sales managers, dealers and service managers, executives, vehicle salespersons parts specialist, research and development professionals, insurance advisers and other profiles like service advisers.

The Demand for Automobiles in India

The demand for automobiles in India encompasses the demand for bikes, scooters, small, mid and luxury cars, tractors, and trucks as well. With people reaching higher income brackets the demand for luxury sedan cars has increased. This has led to the rise in job opportunities with such luxury car makers in India like Jaguar, Volkswagen etc. At the same time the local, ‘aam aadmi’, has reached the level of managing a small affordable bike or scooter for his daily travel to office and back. This has led to many good career options with companies like Hero Honda. You can also check Baja Auto careers for relevant employment openings.

Basic Qualifications and Salaries

Depending upon the department you would like to work with the limit of your qualifications can vary, however, a degree or diploma in mechanical engineering and automobile engineering can fetch you a well-paying job. If you have a MBA coupled with that you could have a sky rocketing career offered by other sectors as well like ABB. If you are a sales personnel then having an MBA in marketing and sales could land you with a great sales profile in the automobile sector. The sales sector in the automobile industry like the banking sector is also incentive driven endowing a hefty pay cheque. A degree in engineering is the most preferred for a lucrative career in the automobile industry in India.

Look around you, see the number of people buying vehicles, notice the income brackets increasing and see the need for own transport amidst public transport, don’t you think a career in the automobile industry would be a great option?

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