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Advantages of Carbon Bicycles

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Before you buy a road bike, you’ll need to define what your riding style is, what your budget is, and how often you’ll be using the bike. The most common types of bike frames are steel and aluminum, because they are affordable and effective. Higher end frames made of titanium are often high in price, making them too expensive for many riders. Carbon framed bikes, however, are a great option for road or track riding, and are decently priced, making them attainable for anyone serious about cycling.

A classic example of a carbon bike

A classic example of a carbon bike

What are some benefits of carbon bikes?

Before you decide that a carbon bike is the best option for you, we’ve compiled some must-knows about these bikes so you have all the information you need before making your decision! Carbon bike frames are made of carbon fiber and are very popular because the material is light, strong, and resistant to corrosion. They can also be molded to any shape and are great for absorbing heavy pedaling – they have great shock absorption.

Carbon bikes are cheap!
When you’re investing in a bike, it is exactly that: an investment. If you’re looking for a cheap bike, then hit up your local neighborhood garage sales and buy one for a good price. But if you’re looking for a bike that you will have for years to come that will actually last and not fall apart after a year of regular use, then you will need to pay a little more. That being said, when you’re looking at carbon bikes on the market today, they are not the lowest priced bikes. However, they are not the most expensive either, and you are getting what you pay for: quality.  Carbon bikes are very high quality and comfortable, which means that your riding experience will be smoother, relaxed, and enjoyable.

A great looking carbon bike

A great looking carbon bike

The price of carbon bikes has gone down significantly in recent years, so start searching and comparing prices of the carbon bikes that you’re interested in – you won’t have a problem finding a carbon bike within your budget. And if you’re on a really tight budget, visit local bike shops and see if there they have any of last year’s models that they would be willing to sell for a discount. Sometimes these deals aren’t made available to shoppers unless you ask, so it’s worth asking if there are closeouts or other options available to save you some money.

They’re light!
One of the greatest benefits of carbon bikes is that they are lightweight and easily maneuverable, which when used for racing or road riding, means a significant increase in performance. And just because they are light, doesn’t mean that they are weak. Carbon bikes are known for their strength and are very durable.  This means you will be able to use your bike for years if you take good care of it.

If you have determined that a carbon bike is the best bet for you, it’s important that you test ride the ones that you are most interested in.  You can liken your bike search to a search that you would do for a car – you wouldn’t buy a car without driving it first, right? Same with a bike! Always be sure you sit on the bike to see if it fits you the way you want. Ask if you can take the bike for a spin around the block to see if it rides the way you want. When you’re making a purchase of this magnitude, it’s necessary that you know it’s exactly what you want – that way you will have years of biking fun to come!

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