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A Trip to Belfast – A Great Lifestyle in Belfast

Titanic Belfast is a tourist attraction that was inaugurated in April 2012 to mark the hundred years of the sinking of the RMS Titanic.  It has been constructed at the site where this ship was once built by the Harl and Wolff a century back in 1912.  This place no longer builds ships but is known as the Belfast Titanic Quarters and is the site of this six storied iconic building.  This place has been famous for building ships over centuries, but the main reason that it became so famous is for the wrong reasons.  Some of the world’s biggest ships have been constructed here, but the fame and popularity go back to the RMS Titanic the most luxurious ships of all times. The real stories described by the Titanic survivors tell the aftermath of this ill-fated ship.  This place tells the tale of Titanic, from birth till the discovery of its wreckage at the base of the Atlantic in a dramatic way.

great lifestyle

The place had been inspired as well as criticized, with a few exceptions if I become too picky, I would rate the place a great resort full of information and fun at the same time.  The outside of the building is impressive. The metal strides on the walls of the building, the four hulls of the ships provide a well thought out start.  The welcoming sculpture made by Rowan Gillespie adds to the beauty of the entrance. The main area leads you to the Belfast experience of the early nineteenth century.  It shows about the life and technology of the time.  The architectural designs and the science of the ship, everything has been displayed in an intriguing way to provide a great learning experience for the visitors.

The visuals and the display of information were the best I think this place has to offer.  Another great feature was the huge blown up pictures of the city in its boom when the ship building industry was at its apex in the Titanic Northern Ireland  The three walls effect telling its visitors the scale of work put up in the construction at that time has been a good job.

Down to the reality when rating any resort; the restaurants downstairs were good and priced fine.  The Titanic shop selling souvenirs was just okay for me but on an expensive side.  The staff members were friendly and provided guidance when ever needed.  The bathrooms were clean and maintained.

This is number one recommended place if you ever get a chance to visit Belfast.  A great recreational as well as education trip for the entire family.

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