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A Rising Career in Merchandising

Merchandising is a practice that plays a crucial role in the sale of products to retail customers. It is the art of displaying products in a way so as to entice maximum buyers. A merchandising job is all about strategic planning on how to sell maximum products to the prospective customers. Merchandiser job requires the knowledge of right merchandise, place, location, and quantity. A merchandiser makes various products such as apparels, food, electronics, etc. attractive to the buyers and sellers.

Rising Career in Merchandising

  • Right Merchandise– It is all about the knowledge of different styles, colors, sizes and brands.
  • Right Quantity– It is necessary to make sure that the quantity of merchandise is appropriate.
  • Right Price– Price of merchandise should be such that it attracts customers as well as brings profitability to the seller.
  • Right Place– It is about selecting the right location for stores to attract maximum attention of buyers.

On one hand, where a company takes care of the kind of products to be sold by it, the job of a merchandiser is to ensure that the maximum profit is gained by the company. This job is sales oriented and involves forecasting sales figure, market trends, planning the entire range of products and planning budget for the company. Different types of merchandising jobs such as card merchandising, retail merchandising and fashion merchandising involve setting of sales target and price.

Skills Required

Most of the merchandising skills can be imbibed during a couple of years in the job. However, in order to excel in your career, certain skills are required, including:

  • Negotiation skill
  • Planning skills
  • Communication skills
  • Understanding the needs of the customers
  • Calculative mind
  • Organizing skills
  • Time-management
  • Decision-making skills

Qualification & Colleges

Apart from the above mentioned skills, the candidate needs to pursue a degree in B.Tec/SQA HND in marketing, retail or business related subjects. Other qualifications like NVQs/VQs in procurement, sales management or retail operations are required in merchandising career.

Several institutes and colleges in India offer short-term, long-term, postgraduate and diploma courses in merchandising.  Some of the colleges include Pearl Academy, Delhi; Academy of Applied Arts, Delhi; International Institute of Fashion Design (INIFD), Mumbai; National Institute of Retail Management, Ahmedabad; and Arch Academy of Design, Jaipur.

Task Performed

A merchandiser needs to perform a range of activities. The job is challenging as it involves being updated about what is new in the market, which products are more profitable and what the customers will like the most. Various activities included in the daily task are:

  • Ordering goods
  • Meeting manufacturers and suppliers
  • Negotiating sales price of goods with supplier
  • Projecting sales target
  • Assisting the company in advertising campaigns

The job offers lucrative salary, which depends upon the kind of company, its size and your total number of work experience. A career as a merchandiser promises bright career prospects.

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