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A Career in Multimedia/Web Designing

The creation and the conservation of websites is the rudimentary purpose of designing a website. The diverse extents of web designing not only comprise authoring but also others like interface design, web graphic design and finally search engine optimization. Nonetheless, the term web designing is generally used to define the designing procedures related to designing, expanding and conserving a website.

Beginnings of Web Designing

web designsThe commencements of web designing go back to the early 90s when the World Wide Web came into existence. However, accurate development of web designing took place during the mid-1990s after the software giant Microsoft released its first competitive browser. Gradually, the World Wide Web or the Internet became more cohesive with our daily lives and today, it has almost become unimaginable to lead a life without the help of the same. All of us turn to the Internet, right from finding information related to college admissions to checking results, from booking tickets to buying books. Due to this, several changes have been incorporated in the way websites are being designed.

Web Designing in India

Depending upon the production process, professional web designers make use of various tools that are involved in the ways of building a website. The huge leap in the field of websites generated employment opportunities across the globe. India was no exception. As the World Wide Web ventured into the Indian market, numerous employment openings began to be produced in the arena of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that basically combines designing websites. With the passage of time, as the job market as well as the field of web designing congealed in the Indian market, a demand for experts increased who had mastered the art of web designing. This led to the introduction of scholastic and specialized courses across the country. Gradually, more and more Indians are opting for a career in the New Media industry that essentially includes web designing.

Web Designing—Job Description

Web designing comprises creating content for websites and crafting the same with the help of numerous web applications. Network designing is the intermediate through which organizations market themselves and endorse their products. Through web designing traders can reach the consumers in one podium with numerous images, graphics and content giving an outline of their products. Web designing can come out as a good career option for those who are attracted by the potentialities of marketing and advertising through the virtual world. A designer, who has mastered a few basics like e-commerce website, search engine optimization, content management, and flash headers, can definitely have a good career in this field.

Web designing courses are available in major Indian cities. Several web designing courses in Delhi, Mumbai and other cities offer certificate courses in web designing. Though the course does not claim any particular didactic backgrounds, but a would-be web designer should have an artistic bend of mind and must be fascinated in playing with colors in the cybernetic world. Creativity is of utmost importance in a course like multimedia or web designing. A degree in computer science would be of extra benefit for those who are looking forward to carve out a career in the field of multimedia and web designing.

Employment and Remuneration

The flourishing IT industry in India offers major job openings for web designers as most of the IT companies prefer hiring skilled personnel from the field. Apart from this, a web designer can seek employment in industries like advertising, design studios, audio-visual media publishing, marketing farms, and libraries and so on.

Though a web designer can have rudimentary openings in terms of his or her remuneration, but with knowledge and gradual experience they can earn up to Rs. 30000 to Rs.50000 a month. The more entrepreneurial ones can begin their own business.

It can be said that, students who want to pursue web designing seriously, can do so as there are several job opportunities in this field.

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