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6 Ways to Design Great Outstanding Political Signs

When running any political campaign, first impressions are of utmost importance. Many voters tend to determine their feelings about a particular candidate after listening him or her for few minutes. The same applies to the political lawn signs if they are used to get the name out of a candidate, a political party or a specific cause. Whether you start a campaign to be a judge, a member of the city council, a law officer or the President, well projected campaign helps to build name recognition and leads to victory.

Political yard signs are the must-have for every candidate not because they are cheap but all of your competitors will be using them. All your supporters, from families to business can use such signs by displaying your name in front of their home or business. With this, your name will be recognized and remembered by voters at the time of casting a vote. You can also add photo to your campaign lawn sign in order to make your message more personal. Though designing effective yard signs is not a rocket science, if you haven’t paid much attention to them, it could never help to get your yard signs off the ground.

Here, you will learn the way to create effective election signs that can help you to stand out and get attention from the viewers.

Intends of Political Signs

Before you start to design your political sign, it is imperative to know their purposes. Such signs only cater three individual purposes they are, raising the name recognition, alarming the rivals and getting out the vote. Out of all the purposes, raising the name is of course the most important one. Strategic sign placement if combined with the repetition of seeing the signs, significantly increase the awareness of your campaign in the minds of the people. A well organized sign can also make your component feel scared with the thinking that you enjoy high levels of support as they demonstrate the number of signs bearing your name.

Be Clear what you want to put on your sign: The mistake that most campaigns used to make in designing the signs is including too much information on their signs. The only information that should be put on your signs is the name of the candidate and the location of the office. You can also include a small phrase to support your candidate, but there is no need to put any other information on the sign.

Determine their size: Any campaign should use different size signs appropriate for the place. Make sure their size isn’t too small as it creates difficulties for the voters to read. Usually standard signs are around 18”x 24”, they may be bigger or smaller depends on your vendor. To get the desired outcome, you can use larger signs on the sides of busy highways.

Materials: Political signs can be constructed from variety of materials. However, one should not ignore length and the expected weather conditions. Corrugated plastic signs are the ideal to overcome such circumstances but they can be very expensive. In place of them one can buy weather-coated poster board signs. They have the capability to hold up moderately well and are much cheaper than corrugated plastic.

Color: Make sure the colors you choose for your signs make them easy for the viewers to read. One can use standard combinations like blue/ white, red / white, yellow / white, green and white, black and white. If possible use the same color on the signs that you have used on other materials like brochures, palm cards, etc.

Author’s Bio: Robert lee has been in the printing yard sign industry for over 10 years, providing printing and installation services to small and large corporate sectors. His extensive knowledge and experience in the sign industry made him expert in all kinds of signs.

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