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6 Ways to Add Feng Shui to Your New Apartment

Are you looking for ways to add a little balance to your life? Add a little Feng shui to your apartment to bring your life the art of balance.

Clean the Clutter

The first thing you need to do if you want to bring Feng shui to your home is get things cleaned up. The less clutter you have in your apartment, the more at peace you’ll feel. Whether you live in a single family home or one of many San Diego apartment rentals, there are always things you can get rid of. From trash to clothes you no longer wear, there are many things you should consider getting throwing out.

Feng Shui

Start With a Plan

The Feng shui energy of your home, or the bagua should be defined There are a few ways you can do this. You can use the BTB grid or the compass school bagua. This helps you make a map of your home and figure out where the energies connect with you the most. From the bagua, you can make a plan about what to do next.

Rearrange the Bedroom

One of the most important parts of your home is your bedroom. This is where you’re most connected. With just a few rearrangements, your bedroom will feel much more peaceful and balanced. Consider adding three or nine small plants in the room to bring a little more romance. Make the room feel more comfortable by ensuring that the bed is visible from the window and door.

Accept Positive Energy at Your Desk

Even something as simple as how your desk is arranged is important in Feng shui. Never have your back to the door. This will keep you from accepting positive energy into your life. Facing the door is generally best, as long as you’re not facing away, positive energy can be assured.

Consider Your Colors

Colors play a big role in Feng shui. Purple and black are both great colors for helping you with money and your career. Light yellow helps promote harmony, nourishment, and protection. White and grey encourage clarity and balance. If you’re looking for abundance, ensure your home has blue about. Brown and green are great for wealth and prosperity. The colors that you incorporate into your home, and where you put them, are important to how exactly the energies will flow.

Add Plants

Living plants throughout your house are important to Feng shui. Each room should have plants of some sort. The arrangement of these plants depends on where in the home the room is, as well as the type of room you’re decorating. Plants are generally fairly cheap. You don’t have to have huge plants, or even tons of them. However, these will help encourage balance and promote health in the home overall.

When you get a new apartment, it’s important to make it your own. You need to feel comfortable in your home, and with just a few Feng shui complements, you can easily ensure that your home is ready to accept positive energy.

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