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6 Most Common Plumbing Methods Using PVC Pipes

The popularity of durable PVC pipes in household plumbing setups is on a steady upward trend. In addition to being relatively inexpensive, they also offer a high degree of longevity too. In what follows, we present a few points which highlight the value of PVC pipes as plumbing accessories.

PVC Pipe

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipes facilitate smooth flow of water – under all conditions. All that you need to do is bend the PVC pipes with an efficient heat gun, and fit the former in the correct manner at your house. Let us here take a look at some of the prime uses of PVC pipes in home plumbing:

Protect the basement and external walls from dampness – PVC pipes are ideal for ensuring the steady outward flow of the water. Chances of sudden bursts, cracks and leakages are minimal. You should ideally use sturdy couplings and clamps, to make sure that the PVC pipes do not move from their place over time. During the winter, you can cover these pipes with protective plastic sheets.

Add extra length to the vacuum hoses – You can attach PVC pipes to the ends of hoses, to make the latter longer. Make sure that the pipe is of the right diameter, so that it can fit with the hose easily. Keep a heat gun ready at hand, in case you feel that the pipe has to be bent slightly more. Use duct tapes to secure the joints between the hose and the PVC pipe.

Avoid deposition of sediments and bacteria – The inner surface of the PVC pipes are much smoother. Hence, chances of bacteria accumulation and sediment deposition in the water flowing within these pipes are practically nil. You can also opt for the chlorinated PVC pipes, to make your home plumbing system more secure.

Greater use in DIY plumbing projects – PVC pipes are extremely easy to install, and bear significantly lower price. The total amount of energy required to prepare them is also much lesser than that for iron or concrete pipes. You can read up on the web on how to use a heat gun to bend the PVC pipes, and install them properly.

Stay away from frequent leakages – Leakages or cracks do not have much of a chance to develop on the surface of these pipes. That, in turn, brings down the possibilities of water losses considerably. You can even use PVC pipes in relatively damp areas (like, near the gutters), and still remain worry-free about their longevity.

Easier cleaning options – Cleaning these pipes is extremely easy. You will only need a good-quality plunger to clean the interiors of the PVC pipes. In case any of the pipes has been accidentally damaged, using sealants on them is also a pretty straightforward process.

Depending on the exact use a PVC pipe would be put to, it needs to be bent with a heat gun. The enhanced durability of these pipes helps them to easily outlast their counterparts, and they offer hassle-free maintenance options as well.

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