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5 YouTube Videos about Cigars

Credited with first introducing tobacco to Europe, world traveller Christopher Columbus is seen as the man behind the cigar. Providing a taste and experience which has been enjoyed for centuries, the cigar continues to grow in popularity across the globe. From Puerto Rico to Mexico, cigars are grown and crafted world-wide and are regarded as a luxury by many.

Here are 5 superb YouTube videos which inform viewers of everything they need to know concerning cigars.

Luxury cigars, 4 different varieties

Luxury cigars, 4 different varieties

1) How to Smoke a Cigar:

Founder of the cigar store Davidoff London, the famous and highly respected Edwin Sahakian, offers viewers a few top tips on smoking cigars. He breaks the process into five, simple steps which those new to the fascinating world of cigars can easily follow. Ideal for beginners, this video explains how the key to choosing the right cigar is based on ensuring it is made to the highest quality and taste, and is well suited to the occasion and moment at which it is intended to be enjoyed.

2) How to Roll a Cigar:

This video is ideal for those who are looking for a great way to save money when it comes to cigars. Offering a relaxing and luxurious experience, cigars can often be costly and high in price. Those who simply don’t have the money to continually purchase cigars will find rolling a much cheaper but still an equally enjoyable option. From purchasing a cutting board to buying filler leaves, this video informs viewers of everything they will need to perfect the skill of rolling.

3) Cigar Accessories:

Smoking cigars is a hobby enjoyed by many around the world. This YouTube clip explains exactly what beginners will need to get started. From cutters to cases, all the gadgets that cigar lovers live for are mentioned and explained. Defining the different types of cutters and visually showing newcomers the correct way to use items, this video is perfect for those thinking of starting this great hobby.

Sex appeal, a lady with her cigar

Sex appeal, a lady with her cigar

4) How to Choose a Cigar:

Owner of Cuban Stocky Cigar Company Yaniv Levy takes viewers into the heart of the cigar culture in this clip. With such a wide variety of cigars available, choosing the right one can often be tricky.  From skinny to shaped cigars, there are dozens to pick between, making choosing the right one a skill of its own. Yaniv Levy compares a cigar to an item of food, explaining how the appearance, size, colour and taste are all vital factors which will help cigar enthusiasts come to their final decision.

5) Cuban Cigars:

Cuban Cigars are a particularly popular brand which have gained a world famous name for themselves. This YouTube video goes into incredible detail concerning this brand, making it ideal for anyone interested in or passionate about Cuban cigars. The narrator explains the best places to find Cubans and the types of environments in which they thrive. A great insight into the history and present culture of the Cuban cigar, this video is an incredibly intriguing and interesting watch.


These five YouTube videos are perfect for those who have a passion, love and enthusiasm for cigars. From explaining the essential items beginners need to buy to finding really cheap cigars. Viewers can learn about the fascinating culture of the Cuban cigar, these brilliant online sources are well worth watching. Those who want to know more about this enchanting world will find a range of excellent information online.


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