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5 Tips to Make Your Language Translation Successful

Are you preparing for the global launch of your business? If so, your first thoughts probably turn to translation: How will you make your language translation successful? While it’s obvious you need to communicate your products and services clearly and accurately, what else can you do to make your language translation successful? In this article, let’s look at a few tips to make your language translation successful. Keeping these tips in mind will help your company reach international customers.

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1. Understand what you need to translate. Many companies assume they need to translate every aspect of their products and services for their international launch, but do you need to translate all of your materials? Make strategic choices about what needs to be translated and what can wait for a future release or what can be put on hold for now. Reduce project overhead by narrowing the volume of your translation.

2. Organize your materials before you translate. To make your language translation successful, you want to be sure you translate the right materials. A big part of language translation is project management. Organizing files and “freezing” content before passing it off to translators will go a long way to ensuring the translations are accurate and confusion is kept to a minimum.

3. Know your translators. You may be tempted by crowd sourced translation options, but in these situations you have no idea about the quality of the resulting translation. In some situations, companies offering low-cost crowd sourced translation will actually have your materials translated by students just learning the language! It’s better to work with translators who have a proven track record in your language and native fluency.

4. Put Machine Translation (MT) in its place. Understand that if you want to make your language translation successful, you need to know when human translators are best and when you can let automated MT tools do some of the lifting. Don’t subject high-visibility copy like advertising and sales material to MT tools. MT is best for large-volume translation projects of one million words or more, when the cost-savings can be significant. Human translators are the gold standard for customer-facing material.

5. Invest in Quality Assurance testing. An in-country language review before launch can save you from embarrassing errors and unintended consequences. The cliché about first impressions is true. Don’t come across as tone-deaf and foreign from day one simply because you didn’t take the time to run your translations by native speakers.

Finally, consider working with a language translation agency that can partner with you for the long-term. There’s real value in building a relationship with a team that understands your company’s brand and business strategy. Save time and money by working with an agency that has grown to understand your company from the inside out. After all, the better a translator understands your products, objectives, and culture, the more likely they are to make your language translation successful.

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