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5 Tip for Buying a Boat

boatIf you are excited to hit the open seas and explore the world from the eyes of a boater understand that you are making a lifestyle choice. Some people want to get away from it all while others cannot wait to engage in recreational racing. The first step is to decide which type of boat best fits your needs.

Choose the Type of Boat

How are you planning to use your boat? If you want to go fishing, cruising or enjoy watersports on your ride select a boat which fits your specific requirement.  Jon boats, bass boats and center consoles serve as excellent fishing boats. Deck boats, pontoon boats and bowriders make for capable fishing boats. Jet and ski boats can be used to enjoy watersports.

Select the Boat Model and Make

Weigh out multiple factors to select the proper boat make and model. Take noise levels, ideal cruising speed, weight, and standard versus optional equipment into consideration before making your purchase. Sit at the helm of the boat to check the legroom and assess visibility from a standing and seated vantage point. Figure out which items you will need to monitor on a consistent basis, like oil levels, cooling levels and power steering fluid levels to maintain the boat properly.

Take the next step of scheduling an on-water test ride if the boat passes the look test. Check the boat’s power and low-speed maneuverability to see how it handles at different speeds. Demand stainless steel fittings and rugged handrails in a boat. Choosing a quality piece of craftsmanship can save you time and money in the maintenance and repair department.

As a rule of thumb, buy the highest quality of boat you can afford to save your headaches in the future.

Decide Whether to Buy Used or New

New boats are generally stress-free purchases since each arrives directly from the factory. Buy from a reputable dealer who will provide you with support after you make a buy. New boats are typically more expensive than the used variety but you will be entitled to manufacturer support and warranty coverage after purchasing your new baby.

Buying used poses to be a greater risk. You are unaware of how former owners treated the boat. Consider hiring a marine surveyor for a fair and honest assessment of the used boat. Surveyors can gauge if former owners maintained the boat properly or if the boat experienced any accidents.

Consider Boat Size

Larger boats offer more features but with the extras you are required to learn more to operate the boat. Large boats typically cost more money and you might not be able to hook a larger boat to a trailer. Select a boat smaller than 22 feet in length if this is your first purchase to break yourself in to the maritime world.

Hit the Classroom

Since driving a boat is quite unlike driving a station wagon around the block take a boating course from a government agency to stay up to speed with laws and be safe.

About the Author: Ryan Biddulph enjoys helping you to find the right boat. If you are buying on a tight budget consider donated boats for sale.

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