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4×4 Accessory Misconceptions

The life of every human being is full of misconceptions. Every human being has misconceptions about different things. 4×4 car accessories are also not free of misconceptions. There are virtually a very large number of misconceptions that no one can count in his life. The most important misconceptions regarding the cars  with 4×4 accessory are suspension misconceptions. Let us see what these misconceptions are and their consequences.

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If you are the owner of a 4×4 vehicle, you have to admit one thing. That is the majority of your car driving is done on the roads, which are smooth and easy to ride. But there are some cases where you have to drive them off the roads also. Off the road driving isn’t simple and easy, because for off road driving, you have to take your car in places where there are huge rocks, boulders and other things. So you have to take care of your car a lot. If you drive rashly on such roads, your car will get damaged easily. So you have to take extra care.


In fact, off road vehicles are also simple and very much similar to on road vehicles. The only thing is that they are made in a little bit different way compared to ordinary vehicles. Their gears and other equipments are made to tolerate more pressure.

While designing a car, you have to get the help of science. Science and technology are inseparable words and you have to understand the fact that without the help of science, there is no technology. So you have to understand the roll center geometry at first. It is an imaginary point and it changes as the body changes its position. When the body moves, its center of gravity changes and as the center of gravity changes, roll center geometry also changes. This center has to be defined properly in any car if you want the car to travel smoothly on or off the road. Balance of this center is very important for anybody to maintain its balance.

Control Arm Geometry is another thing that you have to take care in case of a 4×4 accessory car. These are nothing but the axels which connect the suspension point of the car with the axel frame. There are two control arms for any car and those two arms control the car and its balance. If the car has to travel on any path smoothly, these two axels must be maintained in proper position.

Another thing that you have to take care in case of 4×4 cars is control arm bushing. Even though these names make us to think that they are something which is too complicated, in reality it’s not so. It is ridiculously simple, but if there is any problem with this aspect, the car can’t travel smoothly on road. They can be regarded as the factory bushing that was figured as key suspensions for providing flexibility to the car. So if you want to have a car which travels smoothly on and off the roads, you have to make sure that these things are taken care in your cars.

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