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4 Ways To Tell You Have Too Much “Stuff”

It might seem like a great deal to buy that couch or shirt on clearance, but do you need it, and do you have the space? People often buy things when they don’t need them anticipating the time when they will. In many cases the cost of storing the unneeded item exceeds the savings of buying it cheap. Here are a few questions to ask yourself to find out if you have too much stuff.

Does Your Home Feel Cluttered?

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Look around your house and quickly count the number of items that are out of place. Imagine how much better your home would feel if these things were suddenly gone. You probably can get an idea of the sense of relief you would experience.

Take a box around your house and gather the items you no longer love. Imagine how happy they could make needy families, and it will be easier to get rid of them. If even one item is in the box after you have walked through every room, then you do have too much stuff. Donate the items in the box, and consider getting rid of excess clothes, too.

Does Costco Know Your Name?

While buying in bulk saves families money every year, there comes a point when the bulk starts to crowd you out of your house. Try to buy items you use quickly in bulk, while buying items that move slowly through your house in smaller quantities. Yes, you will spend a little more money over time on the smaller items, but it will clear out your cupboards and give you room to breathe. Go to Costco for the free samples, but leave the 48-pack of cream of mushroom soup on the shelf.

Do You Have Empty Storage Space?

empty storage space

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When all of your storage spaces are full and your garage is too packed to permit a car inside, it’s time to stop shopping and start clearing out. If you do have empty cupboards or shelves, then it’s perfectly fine to buy a few more items if you need them. However, never buy items just to fill your excessive storage space. For more ways to maximize your storage space, visit US Storage Search for tips on creating more space in your life.

Could You Clothe an Army?

Are your hangers packed into your closet so tightly that you can’t get items out easily? Do you have enough sweaters to never do laundry all winter? When people have too much clothing they tend to wear just a handful of it repeatedly, rather than dig in their packed shelves. If that sounds like you, then it’s time to make a donation.

Put everything in your closet with the hangers facing inwards. Each time you wear something, replace it in the closet with the hanger facing outwards. If anything is left facing inwards after six months, then you should donate it. This method has been seen on Oprah and other design programs, because it works.

To find out what other experts recommend, consider reading blogs, articles, and design sites. Here are a few of the best:

De-clutter your life and rather than feel empty, you will experience relief. Your home will feel cleaner, more spacious, and less dusty.

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