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3 Way to Break Into the Music Industry

Do you dream of stardom? Have you always wanted to start a band? Or are you already writing and recording music in your bedroom but you don’t know how to get those songs out to an audience?

Here are three ways you can start pursuing that career in the music industry.

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1. Find your audience online

The Internet has completely changed how people create and distribute music. Now you aren’t limited to your hometown, and you don’t have to start touring right away just to get people to know your name.

You also have more control over selling your music, too. You can release it through the typical platforms like iTunes and Amazon, or on your own website, or through a site like Bandcamp or SoundCloud, where it’s easier to use a pay what you want model for pricing. That way, you’re able to get more profit by selling digital albums directly to your fans rather than using a second party.

Promoting your own music can demand a lot of time and effort, but the fact that you can do so is a reality that opens the door to incredible opportunities that weren’t available before. Use social media to help expand your audience, share the things you’re working on, and use tools like Facebook event pages to promote shows.

2. Learn how to collaborate

It might seem kind of obvious, but in order to have a lasting career in the music industry, you have to practice your instruments constantly and genuinely enjoy making music. Too often, writing, practicing, performing, and recording music gets trumped by strong personalities and big egos.

Making music can be very personal, but at the same time you have to cooperate with other band members, venues, fans — pretty much everyone from the person who designs your posters to your manager. The sooner you can learn to work together toward the larger goal of creating good music, the faster your career will grow.

3. Get a job behind the scenes

There are many more jobs in the music industry besides being a singer or playing guitar. You might find that your calling is in producing, audio engineering, booking, promoting, or even something like designing logos for bands or interviewing musicians.

Even if you still want to write and preform music, the more skills you can pick up in the music industry (like learning the work behind recording and mixing), the better musician you will become, because you will understand and appreciate the work others do.

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