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3 Simple Tips On How To Plan Weddings

If you are one of the 18% of engaged couples opting for a smaller, less costly ceremony over a destination service when planning a wedding, you may be able to save a lot of money. Planning a wedding is not usually easy without professional consultation.

The average wedding has about 178 guests, which, while a comparatively small number compared to a banquet-style wedding with hundreds of guests, is still large enough to make efficient planning difficult. However, there are many reasons to go with a smaller service when planning a wedding.

Think Small, Not Big

If your guest list is in the hundreds, you will likely be hard pressed to spend more than a minute or two with any one person throughout the entirety of the ceremony, whether a close friend, loved one or a distant work acquaintance. Is this how you want to remember what is supposed to be the happiest day of your life? Wedding DJ Portland

With a smaller wedding, you may be able to save more on wedding support services such as catering, parking or floral arrangements, not to mention basics like the cost of reserving a larger rental space. There is also the intimacy of the service to consider when planning a wedding.

If you are having a banquet wedding, the overall feel of the service may feel more like a public production than a day of quiet, intimate moments to be treasured.

For An Affordable Party, Try a DJ

When you decide to go with a smaller wedding party and reception, an expert wedding DJ may be a better option to keep wedding costs down. Hiring a DJ instead of a live band may be more practical for a smaller guest list, because live music is usually more expensive and may be too loud for the overall atmosphere in a smaller venue.

Planning a wedding with wedding DJ services could be a most cost-efficient alternative, since the equipment a DJ uses is typically easier to set up than several instruments, live sound mixing and other related audio expenses. It is easier to dance to the musical set of DJ too, and most songs are usually available on request.

Incidentals Can Add Up

Aside from your RSVPs and music, planning a wedding may be more of a financial success if you pare down what is needed to tasteful essentials. Rather than planning a wedding that is overwhelmed by romantic gestures such as releasing white doves over the chapel, it may be easier to keep costs down with simpler decoration and efficient planning.

You could save on parking, limo transportation or valet services with a smaller guest list, which would positively impact the price of catering and floral arrangements. A photographer hired for a smaller wedding is likely to bill less hours, as well.

If you are unsure about how much wedding support can add up or how to go about planning a wedding realistically, ask friends who have been married before or read online reviews of local service companies specializing in professional wedding help. After all, it is your special day.

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