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3 Philosophies Every Freelance Writer Must Adopt

Each and every day thousands of new freelance writing professionals get ‘broke in’ online, whether it’s through a platform, or something they’ve accomplished alone. Some of these freelancers become professionals at writing detailed personal events or stories, while others are attached to business sites and the content that’s needed. However, they all tend to share one thing in common: their creators want them to be read.

By adopting the following 3 philosophies in your writing, having the best career possible is definitely in the horizon for you.  Regardless of what anyone professes to be true, remember copywriting is not copy my writing because plagiarism is just not cool.

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Know Who Inspired You

Writing is both the most accessible and the most daunting of all creative efforts. All it takes to write is an idea, and you don’t have to ask permission to write a book. However, the life of a writer is lived under the tyranny of the blank page. Writers must construct an entire living, breathing world within the pages of their books, and each book starts with a vast canvas of nothing. If you’re feeling discouraged in your literary efforts, lean on the words of your fellow writers.

Whether you’re faced with the prospect of completing an assignment for your creative writing class, up against a deadline for a short story contest, or are simply writing for fun, it’s easy to get lost in the words.

Whether you’re a seasoned writer or just starting out, it’s important that you understand the importance of your writing style. It’s the very first thing that your audience will notice, and it’s what will determine if they take the time to actually read what you wrote, or give you the proverbial thumbs down.

Have Career Goals

The year is almost half way done. Where are you in your career goals? You probably made some plans for your career when the year began, but have you remembered to check in on yourself? Maybe you’ve accomplished some of your goals. Maybe you’ve updated and changed some of your goals based on your job circumstances. Maybe you’ve completely forgotten about them all together. That’s okay. It’s not too late to make 2013 your best career year yet.

If you’ve fallen off your career path, now’s the perfect time to get back on track. With a little planning, dedication and a lot of hard work, you can really set yourself up for success. If you’re ready to get back to it, freelance writing will always be waiting for you, regardless whether the underdepreciation of freelance writing has gotten you down, or not.

Avoid Redundancy

In business, clarity is crucial when communicating ideas across a wide range of professions. Your writing should be focused to a point in which your message does not get lost in the process. Many business professionals can improve the clarity of their writing by concentrating on eliminating redundant language.  When editing your business e-mails or articles, you should have at least one button on your keyboard down pat: the ‘DEL’ key.

During the process of cleaning up your copy, do not be afraid to use the Delete button. Avoid any repetition in your sentences by looking for repeated words or ideas that could easily be streamlined into a few main points. Simply put, do not say the same thing twice! Specifically, look out for terms, such as true statements and facts, that repeat themselves; these are known as pleonasms

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