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10 Reasons Why you MUST Avoid Some SEO Companies

Search engines are robots, and I gather there is a mythical spider that crawls over your website, trawling content that they use to rank your pages. Fine enough, this is technical stuff we shouldn’t go into, but isn’t everyone out there fighting to get the #1 spot on Google or Bing or Yahoo or any other major search engine? One wonders how many can be on the same spot at the same time. Almost impossible, but it is possible for everyone to optimize their websites so that they become search engine friendly. However not all companies who claim to be experts in Think Big Online’s SEO Services and other related areas can actually deliver. Many are scam and nothing else.

However, come rain or shine, your website needs optimization for the search engines to easily find it. So this is a service you cannot (your website) cannot do without. It is the air that websites breathe! Now, how can you spot the scam from the genuine experts? Read on.

SEO Companies

  1. Whereas anyone can write meta data and input the same into the code of a website, not everyone understands how robots work. This is what differentiates the real professionals and the amateurs. Find out if the company you want to hire understands this and whether they can provide unique writing skills

  2. Avoid anyone who wants to offer you the services on the cheap side. Search engine optimization is technical and does not come cheap, but at the same time you should not allow yourself to be overcharged. It is simple – ignore any company whose pricing does not fall within the general bracket.

  3. Some companies will promise to give you a 30 days free trial. Well, this is an acceptable marketing practice, but be wary of giving out your password and other access information to your website. That is what they will ask you in return. How would you like to give a stranger the keys to your house and the codes that trigger your alarms?

  4. A company that promises to get your website indexed by a major search engine before testing and analyzing your site is telling you a daylight lie. It all starts with the layout of your website and the quality of content it has. Appearing in search engine keyword queries and getting good listings is no child play.

  5. All major search engines do their rankings periodically. No one can force them to do this on a daily basis. So anyone promising to get you yy page rank in zz time is fooling you. If you are promised a specific page rank within a short time frame, run my friend.

  6. If they promise to deliver results soon, please, keep on running. Search engine optimization is a process that takes time. If it is hurriedly done, that means it is poorly done.

  7. There are thousands of search engines but not all of them are relevant to your needs. Many are micro-market search engines that have nothing to do with you, and if anything, very few people visit them. So do not be lured by promises of massive search engine submissions.

  8. Your site soon looses credibility with search engines when you use blackhat SEO strategies like populating hundreds of links. Whoever promises to build links too fast is a big risk. Just wink and move on.

  9. Do not give away copyrights to your meta data or SEO.

  10. As I have said, quality SEO is time consuming and highly technical. It requires a reputable company that has skilled, experienced and knowledgeable staff. People, who will assess, analyze, optimize and follow the progress of your site.

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